The Bishkek School of Contemporary Art (BiSCA) is a dynamic online and offline platform that offers to accumulate and promote art practices, reflections and experiences in their various manifestations, both at the level of mediums and at the level of artistic decisions / gestures / acts.

We are an informal, self-organizing association that is interested in exchanging thoughts, emotions and energy in connection with art as a practice. We are involved in the creation of our School for free. At the moment (2020) we work, for the most part, in an online format, however, we very much hope that this will be balanced in the future. We do not have the resources, premises and infrastructure for physical events and the ability to be a point in the city. However, we have like-minded people, accumulated experience and a small team formed on the basis of the ArtEast School of Contemporary Art (2020), as well as the possibilities of the Internet and virtual communication, which we are going to use to conduct online events – discussion meetings, lectures, presentations, collective art practices and many other options.

Our platform is open to any suggestions for events. However, there are ethical foundations that we adhere to and hope that people who are interested in doing something on the basis of the Bishkek School of Contemporary Art will also agree with us. The foundations are simple and complex at the same time, since we can not always be reflective in relation to ourselves and others. What is important for us is the respect for each other’s boundaries and the absence of any forms of discrimination or overwhelming force (physical, psychological, spiritual, emotional, etc.)  in relation to others, both in actions and in the content of events. We propose to correlate yourselves with these foundations before offering your participation in the formation of the School’s program. If something in you is not responding, then there are probably other spaces for your initiative.

Participants and initiators of the Bishkek School of Contemporary Art have different experiences, areas of interest and activities, however, we are all united by an interest in art in its various manifestations. Some of the representatives of the school adhere to feminist, Marxist, ecological views, and we think it is important to indicate this here.

Our platform works on the principle of circulation, accumulation, formation of “knowledge” about art, creation of a space for communication, interchange, and, possibly, but not necessarily, will contribute to the development of a methodological and theoretical basis, the creation of archival space and practices for the implementation of contemporary art in Kyrgyzstan and beyond.

At the moment, we see two ways of our-your collaboration:

  • Creation of the curriculum of the School;
  • Participation in supporting the School as a living platform.

Creation of the curriculum of BiSCA:

  • one-time online event (meeting with artists, lecture, presentation, video viewing, etc.);
  • online program for related events (2 or more events, a series of meetings, etc.);
  • your suggestions – how and what it could be.

The possibility of holding the event will be available from 2021, since we have already formed a preliminary program for 2020. You can offer your event a month, six months in advance. The minimum period for considering a proposal / initiative is 3 weeks, so that we can discuss your proposal and see the possibilities of our schedule, but we do not exclude the possibility of spontaneous events.

Participation in supporting the School as a living platform:

  • assisting with coordinating and filling the schedule of events;
  • maintaining social networks;
  • working with video recordings of events – simple editing and uploading to the YouTube channel;
  • archiving of all materials on events;
  • other tasks that will appear, but so far we have not formulated them.

We will discuss all options for participation if we find common ground for collaboration with you.

For our part, as BiSCA we provide:

  • respect for you, your time, resources, etc.
  • fitting and coordinating your event within the School’s schedule;
  • announcements of the event in the School’s accounts (currently the telegram channel) among the audience interested in art;
  • republishing announcements in friendly accounts of the School – by those who associate themselves with your event, that is, “at will”;
  • introduction of you and your event (from 5 to 10 minutes) within the School platform and assistance in moderation;
  • communication well-coordinated in time and actions – compliance with the deadlines and all agreements regarding the event.

From your side, as those responsible for filling the event, we expect:

  • respect for us, our time, resources, etc.
  • completed application form;
  • work with the program part of the event and its coordination;
  • visuals and information for announcements, publications, posts (according to the technical regulations of the School);
  • preliminary preparation and holding of the event;
  • communication coordinated in time and actions;
  • implementation of technical regulations for each event to maintain a unified format and simplify coordination.

There are 10 actively involved people in the creation of the School program and its functioning, including contemporary artists-curators-researchers have been working in this sphere for the last 10 years, architects, designers, musicians and others.


Alima Tokmergenova

Bermet Borubaeva

Diana Ukhina / U

Kanaiym Kydyralieva

Maria Makarova

Oxana Kapishnikova

Ravshan Ta Jing

Saadat Aitalieva

Sergei Khegai

Syinat Dzholdosheva