Environmental art-festival “TRASH – 3. Art + Ecology”

Project dates: June – December 2021 ||| Bishkek-Chicago


Bishkek: District “Altyn-Kazyk” between city dump and the Ala-Archinsky water-reservoir

Chicago: The Hyde Park Art Center

Short summary

Research on Art + Ecology is a part of Environmental art-festival “TRASH” that will be dedicated to problems of environmental equality and aimed to create conscious dialogue on solving the issue of environmental pollution in the city.

Together with artists, activists, scientists, citizens, thinkers we are going to create an Interglobal platform of communication that researches methodologies on how we can deal with global environmental challenges on local & global levels with discussions,

Experimenting, art interventions, analyzing, creating art events, objects, publications. Our axis of working area is Bishkek-Chicago, but other spots can join us online that will create vibrate network of practitioners like a spores of mycelium.

Environmental art-festival “TRASH - 3. Art + Ecology”

Full description of the project:

Proposed research in frame of CEC ArtsLink Fellowship program is part of big project – Environmental “TRASH” Art-Festival by Bishkek School of Contemporary Art that we started as a group of young artists after graduation of 1st edition of School of Contemporary Art “ArtEast” in Bishkek.

Because of pandemic situation we propose to avoid this year mass events and work on research-base practice starts on the cost of water reservoir near Bishkek City Dump and end by series of workshops by Chicago-based artists in October-November 2021.  Also because of vulnerability of traveling we would like to divide our research to several parts that will be simultaneously happening in Bishkek and Chicago.

Nowadays, the issue of environmental problems in cities is extremely relevant and Bishkek is not exclusion – a stinking landfill, smog, agricultural land polluted by production, hyper-motorization and many other problems of the city endanger the health and lives of people. Last year, Bishkek almost permanently ranked first in the world among large cities (according to the air visual rating), which causes illness and economic loss. Its roots in a tangle of problems – weak management of the, a low level of environmental awareness, hyperactivity of neoliberal economic system, which exploits natural resources to extract maximum benefits with minimal means and bypassing environmental safety.

The project serves as an open platform for reflection and critical understanding of existing alternatives to the global diminution of the Anthropocene and the predatory seizure of natural resources by transcontinental corporations.

Main elements / stages of the project:

– April – May: Open-Call for applications to take part in the TRASH- Festival III.

– June – November – series of online| offline meetings on exchanging art&eco-practitioners and open and closed events on ecology and art in locations

– 11-30 September (Approximate dates 17-18 September) – Presentation of Trash Festival in Bishkek near City Dump District

– 1 October – 17 November – Series of events/ workshops with Hyde Part Art Center and Chicago artists in framework of ArtsLink International Fellowship Progmram Residency in collaboration with Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago) in framework of Bermer Borubaeva’s residency in Chicago.

– November – December – publication of results of the project.

Organizers: Bishkek School of Contemporary Art (curator Bermet Borubaeva), Tazar Bishkek

Partners: Hyde Park Arts Center (Chicago), ArtEast, Travelers Club “Gde.kg”, 

Supported by CEC ArtsLink and Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan

https://t.me/bishci, www.instagram.com/bishkek_art_school, www.bishci.comwww.facebook.com/bishartschool

Contacts for communication: +996500527484, bishkekartschool@gmail.com, Bermet

Open call

We are appreciated to invite you to open-call for applications for the environmental art festival “TRASH-3/ Art + Ecology” from the art community, ecologists, activists, journalists and caring citizens. If you want to take part in one or more directions:

Art: Creation of creative projects and art objects.

Research part: Conducting research in the residential area “Altyn-Kazyk” in frames of project School of Methodology Art Research

Activist: Conducting subbotniks and seminars.

Link to google form to send an application for participation


Deadline: Aug 1, 2021.